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Expert Landscape Construction in New Bern, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Schneider Landscape Works, LLC–your premier destination for top-notch landscape construction services in New Bern, NC, and the surrounding areas. With five years of industry experience, our team is driven by a passion for turning outdoor spaces into captivating works of art.

At Schneider Landscape Works, LLC, we specialize in landscape construction that transcends the ordinary. From excavation to grading, our skilled professionals bring precision and expertise to every project. Need to clear overgrown areas? Our bush hog services are designed to tackle even the most unruly terrains. As trusted excavation contractors, we excel in creating the perfect foundation for your landscape vision. When it comes to demolition, drainage, and grading, we’re the name you can rely on.

Imagine stepping into a landscape that reflects your vision, where every contour and detail has been meticulously crafted. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the services we offer; it’s about transforming your aspirations into reality. Let us be your partners in crafting a landscape that speaks to your style and functionality needs.

Don’t settle for an average outdoor space when you can have a landscape that stands as a testament to your unique taste. Schneider Landscape Works, LLC is ready to bring your ideas to life with our unparalleled landscape construction expertise. We’re not just contractors; we’re your collaborators in creating a picturesque outdoor haven. Contact us now and let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Your dream landscape in New Bern, NC, and the surrounding areas awaits – let’s build it.

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